It would be pointless to introduce a standard PA system to such a lavish, well-considered environment. Our standards are higher than that. We use the powerful Basys V2 sound system provided by Void Acoustics. Void unites pioneering, cutting edge technology with ground-breaking design aesthetics and have a reputation for high impact products that combine sonic and visual innovation for optimum resolution & clarity. 

The system, a pair of B12 mid-hi cabinets, B15 bass cabinets and a 4 channel amplifier offer an incredible sound. We offer DJ-only set ups using industry standard products from Pioneer and Technics, right through to professional band configurations complete with Yamaha digital mixing desks, outboard processing, stage monitors and microphones. Qualified sound engineers are available for live band performances.

Platforms built from 8 x 4ft aluminium LiteDeck provide robust stages and come in a range of sizes up to 24 x 8ft. They are perfect for a live band or to provide a raised area for speeches and presentations. Available in a range of sizes with 24sq ft being the most popular, our dance floors have a high quality, black acrylic scratch proof surface which retains a mirror like shine and looks fantastic for every occasion.