Externally the erect structures are reminiscent of nomadic, native American dwellings. However, they’re much larger than their tribal counterparts and provide a dominant focal point even when surrounded by other marquees. A unique and whimsical environment, they’re perfect for weddings and music events but without sacrificing gravitas when catering for our corporate patrons.

The construction is based on an interlocking framework of stripped pine poles which have been roughly-hewn for a beautifully tactile finish. A heavy denier, natural tan canvas tightly stretches over the frame providing a completely waterproof interior. As soon as you step inside you’re transported to a delightful & intriguing space – playful yet sophisticated.

Based on a classic Nordic design these structures have stood up to rigorous durability tests in the harsh winters of Sweden. They’re cool in summer, warm in winter and can withstand even the heaviest rainstorms.

Giant Hat Tipis are extremely versatile and can be set up in a wide range of configurations. The entrances can vary in size and be repositioned as the surroundings dictate. They’re scalable and suitable for a multitude of events, adapting easily to any location. They provide the perfect venue for anywhere between 50 – 350 people.

We also provide the option for crisp white, fitted cotton linings, which are available for each of our marquee configurations. The linings, unique to Katah Events, add extra finesse to an already sophisticated interior.